The wellness Studio & DRF are teaming up with the New Orleans Sports Foundation to put on a wellness workshop before the New Orleans Bowl to deliver a inspire over 500 high school athletes to keep striving through their own personal life adversity to reach their goals. The workshop will consist of a panel of athletes who have overcome unmeasurable circumstances in their life, both on and off the playing field. Their stories and outlook are to be shared in order to give these young individuals a perspective on how to keep going and make better choices in regards to conflict, social stigmas, and personal stife. The workshop will be structured with an open dialogue forum so the attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and gain feedback from the panel on personal life experience.

OLOL Children's Hospital Oncology Playroom Project with The Bella Bowman Foundation

DRF will be teaming up with The Bella Bowman Foundation to create a recreation center within the hospital for teenagers receiving treatment. Check back for our Progress!