The Drew Rodrigue Foundation

DRF was started in honor of one young man’s inspirational life and his ability to continue to succeed after he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the young age of twenty.

For most young adults, it seems difficult enough trying to find their path in life, get a degree, a job and acclimate to adulthood but, for Drew Rodrigue, he did all of this while enduring chemotherapy, radiation, two stem cell transplants, and eleven clinical trials. His determination and with the support of friends and family, he found his dream job as a high school football coach, married the love of his life and finished college.

After seven years, Drew lost his battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Looking back on his life and all that he accomplished, his family and friends decided to begin DRF to help other young adults with cancer succeed when it is already hard enough for them to find their way.

Today DRF supports all young adults in anyway that will help them attain their goals and live the life they want. DRF’s support for these young adults can be as simple as helping pay their bills while they are in college and going through treatment, connecting them with internships or as extensive as building a rehabilitation center in a hospital where young adults can go during treatment.


Board of Directors

Troy Norton
Mary Kay Rodrigue
Conrad Rolling
Matt Rodrigue
Taylor Rodrigue


PO Box 1428 Metairie, La 70004